How to Donate Your Boat – A Fast and Simple Process

How to Donate Your Boat – A Fast and Simple Process

The process for donating your boat is both fast and simple and in most cases requires just a few steps.

There are two potential tracks through which your boat will be processed based on where you live and how the boat is currently stored.

The following steps apply to every donated boat.

Acknowledgment of Boat Donation

Step 1:

Make sure you have the title for your boat as we cannot receive any boats without the proper paperwork to transfer ownership. Some states transfer ownership of a boat through a registration. Coast Guard documented boats require additional paperwork to be filed with the appropriate agencies and we will be able to coordinate that for you.

Step 2:

Fill out the Boat Information Form (top right) and click the “submit by e-mail” button at the bottom of the page. This will give us the majority of the information we would need to assess the proper means for completing the donation process and will help us market the boat. You can always call us at 888-951-BOAT with questions about boat donations.

Step 3:

A customer service representative will contact you to discuss your boat donation and work out the details of expediting the receiving and receipt of your donation.

Once your lead has been qualified (another words we have verified through steps 1-3 that the lead is legitimate) we move down one of the following tracks.

Track One: We have a local representative that will meet with you personally

We have local representatives in the Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Orlando, and Southwest Florida areas and in those areas we generally will come out to your home or to where the boat is located to complete the paperwork. Under these circumstances the process of donation takes just a few days to a week to complete.

Step 4:

An appointment is set up to meet with you the donor of the boat, evaluate the boat, complete the paperwork and develop a plan for removal and storage of the boat. In most cases this is the last step in the process for you the donor and what is expected of you.

Step 5:

The boat is removed from its location by us.

Step 6:

You receive a 1098-C form from us in the mail that you then file with your tax return.

Track Two: We process all the paperwork through the mail

Unfortunately we do not have representatives in every city within the United States.  Under these circumstances we process everything through the mail, phone conversations, and the internet.  Under these circumstances we can generally have the paperwork completed within 1-2 weeks and the boat removed within 3-4 weeks.

Step 4:

We will ask that you download the “Acknowledgement of Boat Donation” form in duplicate from our website, fill it out and return it to us along with the documentation that allows you to transfer the donated boat to our organization. We also ask that you download the “W9 Form” and return that to us as well as we will need to enter your SS# on the 1098-C form when the process is completed.

Step 5:

Take about 24 pictures of your boat including pictures of the motor, interior, exterior, trailer if applicable, and e-mail them to us digitally or send a disposable camera to us when you send in your paperwork.

Step 6:

Once received we will sign both donation forms and return one to you.

Step 7:

We will then begin the process of marketing the boat and will have the new owner of the boat pick up the boat directly from your residence or the location where it is stored..

Step 8:

You receive a 1098-C form from us in the mail that you then file with your tax return.

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