Past Boats

Power Boats 25’ and Over

Our experience with boats of 25’ and greater gives us an edge in the donate your boat market as many agencies cannot handle boats of this size without placing a burden on you the donor to maintain storage contracts with the marinas where these boats are located or requiring that they sit on trailers.  If you have a larger boat to donate we have the expertise to handle it and will make the process of donating your boat as simple for you as possible.

Power Boats 24’ and Under

Whether your boat is a bow rider, pontoon boat, deck boat, cuddy cabin, center console, or fishing boat we can make the donation process simple and efficient for you the donor. These boats are often most easily obtained when they are sitting on a trailer but our agency is not limited in our ability to receive boats based on if a trailer is included which is just another way our agency sets itself apart in the Donate Your Boat market.


Although sailboats come with more complexities to obtain due in large part to the transportation and storage of these vessels, we have handled a large variety of sailboats of varying sizes with great success. You will see by the sailboats in the slideshow that we have had our share of larger sailboats, but don’t let that fool you as we have handled many smaller sailboats as well.

Other Boats and Vehicles

In addition to larger power boats and sailboats we can also handle smaller boats and other vehicles. We have had our share of wave runners, jet skis, paddle boats, row boats, sunfish sailboats, and small fishing boats. However, we have also received many cars, vans and trucks. We are also able to receive RV’s, motorcycles, and all terrain vehicles. Believe it or not we even received a shrimp boat a few years back. So if you are unsure if we can handle your boat or vehicle gives us a call and we will let you know.

A Sampling of Past Boats