Why Donate to Us

We take seriously our obligation to care for and nurture children and families who face greater challenges in urban America by creating opportunities of empowerment so that they would have a greater hope in their future and greater potential impact on society.  Focusing on younger children in a holistic after school program that goes beyond just homework help to life skills training, mentoring and also includes physical activities is just one of the ways we do this.   Teaching English as a Second Language to some of their parents is another.


We also take seriously our partnership with individuals who come alongside us through their volunteerism and philanthropic gifts. The vehicle donation program has come under scrutiny from the IRS over the past years and limits a donors tax deduction of a vehicle to the sale price of that vehicle by the organization. We make every effort to maximize the donor’s donation by running this program ourselves, giving us more control over the selling price of a vehicle and thus maximizing the benefit to the donor as well as our organization.

Furthermore, we realize that every donor has a different reason for considering the donation of a vehicle and that there are potential obstacles involved in receiving a donated vehicle, therefore, we access each donated vehicle on a case by case basis and develop a plan for acquiring and selling the donated vehicle that again honors the donor and maximizes the benefit to our organization.


We are the benefitting charity and therefore we can maximize the potential revenue that can be utilized for direct programs.  Many other agencies utilize agencies, or middlemen, that will subtract the expenses of acquiring a vessel and then charge a fee on top of that which minimizes your direct impact as a donor on programs.  As a boat owner you know that the cost of owning a boat is often expensive and that is the case for non-profits as they acquire donated boats.  By cutting out the middleman we believe we are being more frugal with your donated vessel.